Carl Weber’s Influence

With his trademark dramatic style, NY Times Best selling author, Carl Weber introduces us to the Hudsons, a family of African-American lawyers lead by famed attorney Bradley Hudson. Bradley is the Johnnie Cochran of our time; and along with his son Lamont, daughter Desiree and new wife Carla, the Hudsons make up some of the best legal minds in the country. They are going to need it to defend Grammy award winning singer Savannah against the murder charges of killing her celebrity husband Kyle Kirby.

Directed by Trey Haley of Tri-Destined Studios from a script adapted by Carl Weber, the cast Roger Gueneveur Smith, Deborah Cox, Kellita Smith, Nadine Ellis, Gary Dourdan, Broderick Hunter, Columbus Short, Todd Anthony, Drew Sidora, Anthony Hamilton and Bebe Drake. Matthew was called on to composed the score for the drama. Influence will be premiering only on BET+.