The Man In 3B

November 4, 2015
Producer: Trey Haley

Based on the characters from New York Times Best Selling author Carl Weber’s novel The Man In 3B. Darryl Graham has just moved into a Jamaica, Queens apartment building and his neighbors, both male and female alike, can’t stop talking about him. He immediately becomes intertwined in each of the tenants’ lives, but when a murder happens in the building, everyone becomes a prime suspect.

Matthew was brought on to compose the original score for the mystery drama. The score consist of dark and ambient textures that float throughout the film. Matthew uses the piano as his main instrument to lead the score and set the melodic tone for the film. Do to the quick turnaround of the film, the score was created and recorded within 60 days.  After a successful independent theater release, The Man In 3B can now be seen on Netflix, TVOne, BET, and Centric.

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Lamman Rucker

Christian Keys

Brely Evans

D.B. Woodside

Nafessa Williams

Billy Dee Williams

Jackee Harry

James Black

Anthony Montgomery

Kellita Smith

Robert Ric’hard