July 12, 2020
Chernin Entertainment / Kat Buggy Productions
Starz Network
Producer: Katori Hall, Peter Chernin, Dante Di Loreto, Patrik-Ian Polk

P-Valley is an American drama television series created by Katori Hall. The series is an adaptation of Hall’s play, Pussy Valley, and  follows the lives of employees working at a strip club called The Pynk in the fictional city of Chucalissa, Mississippi. Set in the Mississippi Delta and characterized by its distinctive Southern-Gothic feel, P-Valley examines the social and economic lives of the club’s dancers, using its characters to examine the vagaries of sex work from different labor perspectives.

P-Valley is produced by Chermin Entertainment and Kat Buggy Productions for Starz (Lionsgate Television).

Matthew was called on to co-produce the original music and compose the score for several episodes for the series. P-Valley airs on Sunday nights at 8pm on Starz.

Starring in P-Valley:

Brandee Evans

Nicco Annan

Shannon Thornton

J. Alphonse Nicholson

Carolyn Braver

Parker Sawyers

Elarica Johnson

Harriett D. Foy

Tyler Lepley

Dan J. Johnson

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