Doctors & Sex Abuse

July 4, 2016
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Ryon Horne

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution series exposing sexual misconduct by physicians across the nation is among the winners of the Peabody-Facebook Futures of Media award, which honors outstanding digital storytelling features A broken system forgives sexually abusive doctors in every state. As is often the case with investigative reporting, this series in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution grew out of other work. Reporter Danny Robbins was examining orders by the Georgia Composite Medical Board for his 2015 stories on prison medical care. In doing so, he saw orders allowing doctors to continue practicing after a finding that they had sexually violated patients.

Matthew created music Atlanta Journal-Constitution on several of their news projects and he was called on to compose the original score for the series documentary, Doctors & Sex Abuse. The director wanted an intense and melodic score that described the seriousness of the film. Matthew used an array of synth and ambient sounds to create the score. The composition has been used on several news outlets such as Good Morning America.

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